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WanderThai helps travelers find the best local accommodations and activities in Thailand. You can stay at the finest Thai hotels that has passed our detailed evaluation. You can also experience Thailand's charming traditions through community-stays and activities with our local experts. Come be a part of our sustainable and culturally-rich community!
Let's Wander Now
Handpicked local destinations
The chosen destinations are spread all across Thailand. Each one was chosen based on its unique historical and cultural attractions that are worth promoting
Let's Wander Now
We are a travel company that focuses on promoting ecotourism and local cultural experiences in Thailand.
We hope to show the world the variety of scenery, food, traditions, and activities that Thailand has to offer. We understand that people may have preconceived notions about our home, but we are ready to welcome foreigners to see the other side of Thailand. Moreover, we are working hard to promote local goods and services so that our authentic Thai hotels and community members will continue to do what they love most, which is welcoming travellers into their homes.
We take you directly to well-rounded resources, so that you can learn more about Thailand. We also provide you with the best options to simplify your planning and make your trip perfect.

Why Wander With Us ?

Awesome trips

Choose the right package for you. We have a broad selection to suit your style. All packages are 100% authentic experiences and the programs are run by local people.

Best prices

Book unique charming hotels & resorts at unbeatable prices. Stay at the finest Thai hideaways, experience an incredible small-group tour like the locals, or take the family on an all-inclusive getaway.

Real Locals

Be a genuine part of the local communities. They really love to welcome you to their houses and show you their way of life. You’ll feel like a part of their families!
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