Sao Chingcha

The Sao Chingcha area has been the centre of Bangkok since the Rattanakosin era. The Giant Swing or Sao Chingcha was constructed during the reign of Rama I, after he had decided to extend the city from the west (Thonburi) to the east. King Rama I then made the centre of the city into the place for shrines, temples for Brahmanism and the Giant Swing, which became an outstanding symbol of Bangkok. The swing consists of two towering red pillars standing on a huge stone at the height of 21.15 metres. The lotus-flower-shaped pedestal is made of white, exposed, aggregate concrete. On the arch of the pedestal is an inscribed stone telling the history of the Sao Chingcha. A pair of central pillars and two pairs of stilts with capital are all made of round lathed teak tree trunks. The frame connecting both capitals are beautifully carved, and everything is painted red.

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